Got Hazardous Waste? Pick-up Service Helps Dispose of Batteries and Bulbs

Starting Jan. 22 the City of Sacramento Department of Utilities Solid Waste Services started collecting batteries, compact fluorescent light bulbs, and fluorescent light tubes from residential customers by appointment.

The new service is meant to help residents properly dispose of these items, which have been banned from disposal in garbage containers since 2006.

Residents should collect their used batteries in a closeable freezer bag and wrap fluorescent light tubes and place compact fluorescent bulbs in a container to protect them from shattering.

On their appointed collection day, residents should place their hazardous waste near their garage or front door — items should not be placed by the curb for collection.

“Many of our customers are unaware that disposing of these items in their garbage is illegal and are unaware of other disposal options, such as taking them to a household hazardous waste center,” said Edison Hicks, Integrated Waste General Manager for the Department of Utilities.

“We hope this new option will assist residents in disposing of their batteries and fluorescent lights properly and help to keep these potentially hazardous materials from landfills, ” added Hicks.

To schedule an appointment, or for more information, call 808-5454. For additional information about proper disposal of hazardous materials, recycling, or the City’s solid waste services, please visit their website here.

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