Seen in Natomas: Superintendent Visits Nighthawks

PHOTO BY JEREMIAH MCWRIGHT, NHS INTERN THE NATOMAS BUZZ | @natomasbuzz Natomas Unified School District superintendent Chris Evans - pictured here with teacher Cael Kuhlman - this morning visited the … [Read more...]

Natomas Dirt: Facts About Sunflowers

BY BILL BIRDwww.sacramentogardening.blogspot.comI thought I would share some interesting tidbits I learned about growing sunflowers this year in Northern California. The wife and I grew two varieties … [Read more...]

Natomas Dirt: Those Reliable Reds

BY BILL BIRDwww.sacramentogardening.blogspot.comHello friends! How does that garden grow? If it's anything like mine? The word is FINALLY!Yes -- finally the heirloom tomato plants are springing to … [Read more...]

Natomas Dirt: Summer Wind Came Blowing In

AND NOT THE KIND SINATRA WAS TALKIN' ABOUTBY VENUS BIRDwww.sacramentogardening.blogspot.comOkay, summer is technically a week and a half away. But come on! This wind is more worthy of March than … [Read more...]

Natomas Dirt: Wanna Garden, Punk? Well, Do Ya?

BY BILL It’s that time of year folks! The sun is shining! The birds be chirping. A light spring-time breeze filters through the warm sunlight. It’s spring. A … [Read more...]