Almost Famous…

After all our bitchin' and the moanin' about the media, THE BUZZ is glad to see the Natomas area in the news for something other than our risk of flooding and Arco Arena. After all, we've got so much … [Read more...]

OMG* — I Might Faint!

First THE BUZZ gets an e-mail from someone at Fox 40 asking for information about the series of home-invasion robberies here in Natomas and then we get a breaking news alert from the Sac Bee about Sac … [Read more...]

Not Seen In The Neighborhood: News Coverage

Still Missing "The Boat" As It WereWe can't help but point out -- yet again -- how the local media has failed to cover the rash of home-invasion robberies plaguing Natomas.One would think that if the … [Read more...]

Are You Kidding Me?

This is killing us!We received a Sac Bee breaking news e-mail alert police seek the suspect pictured here in this sketch. The item was actually posted on Sacto 9-1-1, the Bee's own crime blog at 4:49 … [Read more...]

For The Love Of Pete!

Not to beat a dead horse by bringing up I-5 yet again......but it seems more and more like government agencies communicated better with commuters than with each other about the much-hyped Fix I-5 … [Read more...]

Gotta Love ‘Em

A former colleague and good friend of THE BUZZ used to marvel whenever journalists were caught interviewing other journalists for stories.It just didn't seem right.The Sac Bee this morning, … [Read more...]