Almost Famous…

After all our bitchin’ and the moanin’ about the media, THE BUZZ is glad to see the Natomas area in the news for something other than our risk of flooding and Arco Arena. After all, we’ve got so much more going on than that!

The best part? Recognition that Natomas is a community that’s got it together. Not only are we keeping each other informed, but we can rally. And by rally, we mean BRING IT!

Seems like everyone keeps coming back to the 450+ peeps who showed up to the crime forum last week. Even we were surprised when driving into the Inderkum H.S. parking lot.

Our carpool buddy, Trixie said to us, “All these cars cannot be here for this thing!”

Turns out, all those cars were there for the community forum. Turns out, every media outlet — even the Spanish ones — were there for the community forum. (Even KJ showed up.)

And when Creekside HOA prez Angelique Ashby asked for a show of hands as to how folks heard about the event? The majority indicated it had been via e-mail, Yahoo Group or website.

NATOMAS BUZZ readers take note: Sac Bee columnist Marcos Breton last week pointed out this neighborhood information network, as did the paper’s editorial column this morning.

Yes, it’s true, Natomas has a lot going for it… We have each other — north, south, east and west — for neighbors, and not much can top that!


  1. Angelique says

    Buzz – You are doing a great job in this community and I love this article.

    The crime spree is terrible and I hope it is over – but I have to admit – I do think it brought our community even closer togehter in our efforts AND forced the media to listen to us.

    Thanks for this inspiring perspective!

  2. No doubt. I had the same “This line of cars can’t all be here for this thing” feeling.

    Sometimes things have to get worse before they get better. I hope years from now we can look back to the infamous June 2008 and recall how everything went uphill from then, starting at that meeting.

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