The RD-1000 Board of Trustees Election

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Three seats are up for grabs in the upcoming Reclamation District 1000’s board of trustees election.

Trustees are responsible for setting priorities for the Natomas-area flood control agency such as maintenance, planning and oversight of levees, canals and pump stations.

All property owners within the Natomas Basin will receive a ballot in the mail which is separate from county vote-by-mail General Election ballots. Reclamation District 1000 ballots must be returned by Nov. 8, 2022 to be counted.

Three trustees will be elected to serve four-year terms. Property owners may be able to vote for more than one trustee, depending on their ballot designation.

Incumbents Jag Bains and Elena Lee Reeder are seeking reelection, while newcomers Ryan Friedman, Joleane King, Nate Pelczar, Ed Perez and Ronald E. Reafs hope to secure a trustee as well.

Each Reclamation District 1000 ballot is tied to a specific property and the number of votes a property owner may cast three votes per parcel. Voters must read their ballot to determine the number of votes to cast .

Reclamation District 1000 has been providing flood protection and public safety to residents, businesses, schools and agriculture since 1911. The special district maintains more than 40 miles of levees surrounding the perimeter of the basin to keep floodwaters from the Sacramento River, American River, Natomas East Main Drain Canal, Pleasant Grove Creek Canal and Natomas Cross Canal out of the basin.

The district also operates and maintains hundreds of miles of canals and seven pump stations in the interior to collect and safely discharge the rain that falls within the Natomas Basin back into the river.

Revenues to operate and maintain Reclamation District 1000 are raised through an assessment or tax on properties in Natomas which benefit from the district’s flood protection efforts. The assessment appears on the annual Sacramento County property tax bill as a direct levy and is determined by the property’s use, size and location in the Natomas Basin.

Candidate statements are available on the Reclamation District 1000 website.

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