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A Green Line light rail train at the Township 9 station, located at 7th & Richards Blvd. / SacRT Photo

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“My friends are I have been talking about the Green Line light rail from Downtown to Airport recently; it will pass through south and north Natomas. Has this proposal (project) been confirmed yet? According to their website, it says that the construction will begin next year 2022. Could you give us more update(s) on the Green Line update? We’re just interested in this topic, and would like to know more.” —Annie Ma

Sacramento Regional Transit spokesperson Jessica Gonzalez responds:

“The Green Line to the Sacramento International Airport remains a top priority for SacRT. The project will alleviate roadway congestion and provide a safe, convenient, and affordable alternative for traveling between Downtown Sacramento, South and North Natomas, and the Sacramento International Airport. The project will also provide a direct connection to the region’s major intermodal facility at the Sacramento Valley Station.”

“SacRT has completed preliminary environmental documents for the project, but final environmental impact statements must be completed, and further progress is dependent on securing a matching local funding source that will allow SacRT to enter into the federal capital investment grant program for the remaining funding. The new federal infrastructure package, should it pass, may provide the region with an opportunity to progress the project.”

“SacRT is in the process of refreshing the project including making updates to the project website, championing local support, updating costs, and developing online and in-person workshops.”

“Final design and alignment for the Green Line in the Natomas area has not been identified and is expected to be reexamined due to the Innovation Park* development. A formal timeline for construction has not yet been updated.”

*Innovation Park refers to proposed redevelopment plans for the old arena site in Natomas.

Dignitaries were on hand when the Township 9 station opened in June 2012. / Photo

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