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Artist Brian Goggin works on his sculpture Meghalaya. / City of Sacramento photo

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“I was wondering what happened to the public art that used to be in front of the fire station on El Centro near Arena. It was like a Stonehenge made up of fire hoses.” —Todd Taylor

For several years, the Meghalaya sculpture was installed adjacent to Fire Station No. 43 in west Natomas. / Photo courtesy Michelle L. via Yelp

According to Donald Gensler, project manager for the Sacramento Office of Arts + Culture, sometimes pieces in the city’s “Art in Public Places” collection is relocated.

Installed in 2016, the lighted Meghalaya sculpture had suffered from some vandalism. It was removed and is currently in storage awaiting reinstallation at a new, safer location.

“The (Natomas) Art and Garden Club expressed a strong desire to have it as a center piece at the new Art and Garden Center they are hoping to see materialize at the old Fire Station 15,” explained Gensler. “We think this will be a great location as Meghalaya draws inspiration from a town in India where people train fig trees to create bridges and archways.”

The sculpture’s fire hoses have been described as roots and the bronze nozzles similar to flowers reaching skyward. These features, said Gensler, bring together the garden and fire station aspects of the artwork.

“Our program believes the many connections for this new location will make it a perfect site for the sculpture,” Gensler added.

The date the Meghalaya sculpture will be installed at its new location is still to be determined.

The completed sculpture prior to its installation. / City of Sacramento photo

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