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New senior zone speed limit sign posted south of W Elkhorn Boulevard adjacent to an assisted living facility on Natomas Boulevard. / Photo

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“Do you have any information about these signs that sort of popped up? They are pretty far up on Natomas Blvd (almost near Elkhorn) and on both sides of the road. They are small and state something like Senior Zone — 25 mph. There’s no notice that the speed will be decreasing, just these smallish signs that sort of appear from nowhere.” —Trina Drotar

Natomas motorists like Trina may have noticed three new “senior zone” signs were recently posted along Natomas Boulevard between W Elkhorn Boulevard and Club Center Drive.

Historically, the speed limit along Natomas Boulevard has been 45 mph. But the signage now posted along the northbound lanes south of Mabry Drive, as well as along the southbound lanes south of W Elkhorn Road and the Bridgecross-Rose Arbor intersection, drop the posted speed limit to 25 mph.

According to staff in Councilmember Angelique Ashby’s office, the change was needed due to speeding vehicles on the roadway where there are senior citizens are present. (See video below from August 26, 2021.)

Natomas Boulevard is an entry point for the 55+ Heritage Park neighborhood. It is also where both the Carefree Senior Living community and The Village at Heritage Park assisted living community are located.

While some speed limits are established by federal or state law, California Vehicle Code allows cities like Sacramento to set and post limits on streets within their boundaries.

New senior zone speed limit sign south of the Bridgecross-Rose Arbor intersection. / Photo

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