Seen on Bannon Creek Parkway: Colorful Natomas

Former Sacramento mayor Heather Fargo and Jonathan Moscato from the city parks department look on while Kat Muñoz works on the colorful mural. / Photo courtesy Amie Tokuhama Chapman

THE NATOMAS BUZZ | @natomasbuzz

When Kat Muñoz painted this colorful mural along the Bannon Creek Parkway trail, she had no idea it would create “so much buzz.”

Muñoz’s said her parents, Lindy and Ros, asked her to paint the mural on their fence in South Natomas.

“My dad’s from Cambodia and when he came here he fell in love with poppies and lavender,” explained Muñoz, who graduated from Natomas Charter School in 2005. “So that’s why I did the flowers.”

Cindy Breninger came across the mural while it was still a work in progress.

“I love walking on the Bannon Creek Trail,” Breninger told The Natomas Buzz. “As I walked by this area the other day, it really caught my eye. Added some beautiful colors to a dull corner. I snapped a quick picture as it made me happy and made my day!”

Muñoz now lives in Southern California where she owns her own business as a relationship coach, but shared she does a lot of art on the side for fun. She painted the mural with help from her 11-year-old daughter, Jasmine.

“…the geometric shapes were easy and fun for us to do together,” said Muñoz. “The rainbow fade was my 4-year-old’s idea. I had to keep it simple because the way the fence laid, but I think it still turned out great!”

Ana Sandoval recently shared a photo of the finished mural on social media, simply tweeting, “Colorful Natomas.”

A work in progress. / Photo courtesy Cindy Breninger

Colorful Natomas. / Photo courtesy Ana Sandoval

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