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The 5.06-acre vacant city-owned property sits adjacent to the Natomas Garden Shopping on Northgate Boulevard has been fenced off. / Photo

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Updated July 28, 2021

“Any info on what’s happening at Northgate and Patio? The south part is all fenced in for a while now with a few piles of dirt and a small dozer.” —Pamela Kurowski Davis

Anvil Builders is using the larger portion of city-owned property located at Northgate Boulevard and Patio Avenue to stage and store equipment for several months. Anvil will be working on an underground pipe replacement project for PG&E in the area.

According to city Councilmember Jeff Harris’s office, items stored on the site will include backhoe, plastic pipe and aggregate material such as sand, gravel, cutback and more. The site will be fenced off and monitored.

PG&E is conducting a series of gas safety upgrades in the Natomas area, according to spokesperson Megan McFarland.

On Grace Avenue, in the Robla neighborhood, PG&E is replacing roughly 9,300 feet of main, which is the pipe located in the street, as well as 239 services, which are pipes that tee off from the main pipe and feed each customer’s meters. The work began in May and will last until the end of the year.

Around Prince Henry Drive in south Natomas, PG&E has a large project which began in June and will continue until summer of 2022. This work will replace two miles of main pipe and 219 services, she said.

On Woodridge Oak Way, off Truxel Road, PG&E has a project which in April to replace roughly 9,500 feet of main pipe and 164 services. The work is expected to continue until the end of the year.

There is no disruption to gas service, McFarland said.

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