Drop in COVID-19 Cases Reported for Natomas

New Natomas COVID-19 Cases by Date Total cases by week for zips 95833, 95834 & 95835 Updated April 19, 2021 91

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New cases of COVID-19 dropped for the first time in four weeks among those who reside in Natomas zip codes, according to data released today by Sacramento County Public Health officials.

Between April 12 and April 19, new confirmed COVID-19 cases in Natomas numbered 91 — a 21.5% decrease from 116 cases the previous reporting period. This is the first week since March 22 overall numbers were lower than the week prior.

According to the data released April 19, there were 40 new cases in zip code 95833 last week, a 2.5% decrease from 41 cases the previous week.

Zip code 95835 also saw a 30.5% decrease with 25 new cases compared to 36 cases the previous week. And zip code 95834, reported a 33% drop with only 26 new cases compared to 39 cases the previous week.

About 7,605 Natomas-area residents have tested positive for COVID-19 since data by zip code became available in early April 2020. Sacramento County does not report the number of cases likely recovered, hospitalizations or deaths by zip code on its public information dashboards.

An estimated 110,000 people reside in Natomas, according to data on the U.S. Census Bureau website.

Check out our “Vaccinate Natomas” list with information about where vaccines are available in the area and who’s eligible at https://bit.ly/VaxNatomasMarch.

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