Bel Air Store in Natomas Pilots Veeve Smart Carts

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A Veeve cart at Bel Air in Natomas. / Photo courtesy Barbara Lopez

Barbara Lopez was skeptical when she first saw the Veeve smart shopping carts at the Bel Air store in Natomas.

But in the past week, she’s used them twice.

Lopez said she hesitated because she dislikes self checkout. However a two-minute training with a Veeve representative and a $5 off incentive convinced her to give it a try.

“I found the entire shopping process very easy, even with produce items,” said Lopez, a Natomas resident. “It shortened my shopping time, which was nice.”

Bel Air on Arena Boulevard has been piloting Veeve smart carts during the month of March.

Veeve is an artificial intelligence startup based out of Seattle, Wash. which makes smart shopping carts outfitted with cameras and sensors, keeps track of of what you place inside it and charges shoppers automatically.

The carts have been popular with shoppers and have generally received good reviews, according to one store manager.

Shoppers have described Veeve carts as a “game changer” — having all the convenience of self-checkout without the inconvenience of waiting in line for a self-checkout stand. Bel Air has four carts as part of the in-store pilot.

“I wanted to (try one), but there’s never been one in,” one shopper to The Natomas Buzz.

Others have described their smart cart experience as fun and “good for people on a rigid budget” because Veeve carts tally purchases while shopping.

“The only hiccup is I bought wine, which the staff quickly pulled out and let me pay separately,” said Lopez. “If you are a (Raley’s/Bel Air) rewards member, you won’t get your points using Veeve, but staff will add them to your account if you ask. I was told that this is because it’s a pilot program at this time.”

The Veeve carts basically have the same restrictions as self checkout and shoppers cannot use them to pay for alcohol or gift cards, a store manager told The Natomas Buzz.

“You also need to move your bagged groceries to another cart, as the Veeve ones can’t leave the store,” added Lopez. “Again, Bel Air staff happily grabbed one for me. Overall I really liked the option and will use it again.”

A Raley’s spokesperson said more information would be released in the coming week about the smart shopping cart pilot.


Veeve smart shopping cart stand at Bel Air in Natomas.


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