Seen in Natomas: Black History Month 2021 Photo

THE NATOMAS BUZZ | @natomasbuzz

Inderkum High teacher Rachel Rodriguez and Naani B., Inderkum class of 2020, painted the “Authors of Our Own Destiny” interactive sculpture over the weekend in recognition of Black History Month.

The artists included a larger-than-life portrait of Angela Davis, the Bronx skyline and a nod to hip hop. They also incorporated words from the previous painter’s work so it now reads “Happy BHM 2021,” “Better Day” and “Keep Black Youth Alive.”

“Authors of Our Own Destiny” is located on Del Paso Road adjacent to the American River College satellite campus and North Natomas Library. This interactive public art installation can be painted on by anyone, at anytime, no reservations or approval required before hand. Check out more previous paintings here. Photo


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