Seen in Natomas: New Green Bicycle Lanes

THE NATOMAS BUZZ | @natomasbuzz

Photo courtesy Arlete Hodel

Motorists may have noticed newer green bicycle lanes painted on two north Natomas roadways.

The two new lanes are located on Del Paso Road and Arena Boulevard, just east of East Commerce Way.

“Why is this important? It’s because color in a bikeway is an important tool to promote clear understanding for riders and drivers alike,” said Mellissa Meng, bike program manager for North Natomas Jibe. “The on-road color variation increases visibility, identifies potential areas of conflict, and reinforces priority to bicyclists in conflict areas.”

The new bikeways have been installed to help improve mobility and safety for users of the road as part of ongoing and future development in the area of East Commerce Way from Del Paso Road to Arena Boulevard, explained Jennifer Donlon Wyant, transportation planning manager for the city of Sacramento.

“Green bike lanes are used to make lane markings more visible to bicyclists and drivers,” Donlon Wyant said. “This helps to tell drivers they are crossing a bicycle path of travel and by helping to tell bicyclists a vehicle may cross their path as well as where a bike lane continues.”

Changes to these intersections along East Commerce Way connect to and support the new shared-use path recently completed along Interstate 5 from Del Paso Road to Arena Boulevard.

According to Donlon Wyant, Sacramento began using green bike lane markings in 2018 on similar projects such as one on Mack Road.

“We are excited to continue to expand our active transportation network that provides our communities mobility choices and opportunities for healthy outdoor activities,” said Donlon Wyant, adding that motorists can expect to see more green lanes in the future in Natomas.

Added Meng, “We hope this new feature will increase the appetite for more bicycling improvements on our roadways, and help local bicyclists navigate a better way!”

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