Independent Pharmacy Opens in Natomas

Natomas Pharmacy owner Sukh Jhutty

Natomas Pharmacy owner Sukh Jhutty. / Photo

THE NATOMAS BUZZ | @natomasbuzz

A new, independent pharmacy opened this fall in Natomas.

The Natomas Pharmacy opened for business on Sept. 14. It is located at 4321 Truxel Road in Suite F-1, next door to Natomas Urgent Care.

The retail pharmacy operates just like CVS or Walgreens, owner Sukh Jhutty said.

“We offer prescription services and (over-the-counter) medications with some medical supplies,” Jhutty explained. “I know the previous Natomas pharmacy offered compounding, but we have not implemented that service yet.”

Although it carries the same name, Natomas Pharmacy is not affiliated with the previous independent pharmacy which was operated around the corner on Arena Boulevard in 2015.

Natomas Pharmacy Natomas Urgent Care

The new Natomas Pharmacy is located at 4321 Truxel Road in Suite F-1. / Photo

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