Two Teens Arrested for Stealing Dog in Natomas

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Updated Dec. 31, 2020*

Image of German Shepherd puppy wearing a bandana which reads "Merry Christmas."

German Shepherd puppy “Tommy” was reunited with his owners within hours of being stolen. / Courtesy Photo

Two teens have been arrested on suspicion of stealing a dog following an attack on its owners who were on a morning walk Monday in Natomas.

At about 10:15 a.m. on Dec. 28, two teenage brothers were walking their five-month-old German Shepherd “Tommy” along Gateway Park Boulevard between Del Paso Road and North Bend Drive. Two teen suspects, ages 15 and 17, pulled up alongside the pair and exited their vehicle.

According to the Sacramento Police Dept., the suspects assaulted the brothers, stole the brothers’ dog and then fled the area.

“They pushed me and my brother and tried to snatch our dog,” the 16-year-old victim told The Natomas Buzz. “I wouldn’t let go of the leash, so one of them stepped on my arm and snatched the leash that way (and they) drove off together.”

The victim said that he memorized the suspect vehicle’s license plate number and called 911 with a description.

Sacramento Police officers conducted a follow-up investigation and were able to locate the suspects where a short foot pursuit ensued, and the suspects were detained.

Both suspects were arrested on suspicion of robbery and booked at Sacramento County Juvenile Hall, police said.

“The dog was also safely recovered and returned to the victims,” added a Sacramento Police spokesperson via email.

According to the victim, the brothers suffered only minor injuries from the assault.

*The location of the incident has been updated and additional details added to the original article.

Image of three police parked next to Cottonwood Park in Natomas.

Sacramento Police officers respond to an attack on two teens in Natomas which also led to a dognapping. / Photo courtesy Marc Laver

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