Jibe’s Student Walktober Challenge Underway

Image of two women walking on a Natomas trail with two children.

North Natomas Jibe photo

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North Natomas Jibe has kicked off its annual student Walktober campaign with more ways for area youth to participate.

Walktober is a global 31-day health challenge meant to encourage walking more.

This year, North Natomas Jibe’s Walktober student challenge has options for students with diverse abilities and interest levels:

  • Bikers and walkers: Join the Jibe Student Challenge to track your walking and biking, and challenge friends.
  • Puzzle enthusiasts: Complete nine walking challenges to unlock letters for your Walktober Passport. Once letters are unlocked, unscramble them to uncover a mystery word.
  • Wordworms: Submit stories, poems, or essays about walking and biking to The Write Way. Top writers win an engraved trophy. All participants receive an electronic certificate.

North Natomas Jibe is a nonprofit organization funded through rider fares, community facilities district fees and grants.

Click here to register on the Jibe Student Challenge Dashboard.

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