Fives Acres Burn in Natomas Grass Fire

Smoke from grassfire.

Smoke from the Wednesday grassfire was visible from Highway 99 and drifted into the Village 7 neighborhood. / photo

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Image of woman and man watching firefighters mop of grass fire.

Max and Oksana Zaplava look on as Sacraento firefighters mop up the remains of a fast-moving grassfire that threatened their home in Natomas. / photo

About five acres burned during a fast-moving grass fire Wednesday afternoon in Natomas.

At about 2:51 p.m. Oct. 14, fire fighters responded to a two-alarm grass fire near West Elkhorn Boulevard and East Commerce Boulevard.

Firefighters quickly stopped the fire from progressing to adjacent homes and an empty field where construction equipment and supplies are stored.

Two yards at the end of Parejo Court suffered minor damage including fencing.

The cause of the fire is not known.

Image of firefighter hosing down burned grass. Burnt fence in background.

Image of firefighter hosing down vegetation growing over fence directly next to a home.

Image of firefighters hosing down burnt area.

Panoramic image of burnt field.

View from Parejo Court where fast-moving grassfire threatened homes on Wednesday. / photos


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