New COVID-19 Cases in Natomas on Decline

New positive COVID-19 cases continue to decline in Natomas according to Sacramento County data.

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The number of new COVID-19 cases within Natomas continue to decline, according to data released this morning by Sacramento County Health officials.

New positive COVID-19 cases in Natomas dropped for the fourth consecutive week since peaking on August 24.

Between Sept. 14 and Sept. 21, there were 48 new positive coronavirus cases among those who reside within zip codes 95833, 95834 and 95835, according to the latest data.

In Natomas, 18 new cases were reported in zip code 95833. In zip code 95834, 14 new cases were reported and in 95835, 16 new cases were reported

Sacramento County remains on a state’s watchlist for have a high rate of new coronavirus infections.

New COVID-19 cases in Natomas have remained steady for the past two weeks, according to Sacramento County data.

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