About 100 Attend Protest at City Manager’s Home

Image of protesters seated on road with arms raised.

Protesters demonstrate at the home of Sacramento City Manager Howard Chan. / Photo NatomasBuzz.com

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Protesters stage a die-in during their demonstration. / Photo NatomasBuzz.com

About 100 people participated in a demonstration held Wednesday at the home of Sacramento City Manager Howard Chan.

Black Lives Matters Sacramento organizers staged the protest in a residential neighborhood of Natomas. There, protesters blocked a section of Dalhart Way during a two-hour “sit-in/die-in” on the road and adjacent sidewalk.

Protesters also placed body bags and signs in Chan’s driveway and front yard memorializing those who have died during interactions with Sacramento police officers.

Black Lives Matters Sacramento has criticized Chan’s role overseeing the Sacramento Police Department. During the protest, spokesperson Tanya Faison led the crowd in a series of chants which included, at times, a call for Chan to resign.

“Having people demonstrate near my home is not something my family and I are used to, but I completely support everyone’s right to free speech and peaceful assembly. People are calling for their government to do better and that’s what we intend to do,” said Chan in a statement released to the media.

Chan pointed to a record he says has kept city employees accountable for their actions, including:

  • Terminating six Sac PD officers for misconduct
  • The resignation/retirements of seven officers prior to potential discipline
  • Putting 17 officers on unpaid suspension
  • Issuing letters of reprimand for 23 officers
  • Releasing five officers during their probationary period

Earlier this month, the city council approved a plan to hire an inspector general for police oversight — one of Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg’s proposals following national protests against police brutality which were sparked by the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

The city council has adopted several new policies meant to address concerns about police use of force such as banning of choke holds and prohibiting the use of no-knock raid warrants, both proposed by Natomas city councilmember and Mayor Pro Tem Angelique Ashby.

“Over the past few years, the city and its police department have made many significant changes to increase safety and transparency,” Chan’s statement to the media read. “We will continue to revise policies, procedures and training – along with strengthening community relationships – in order to have the best possible police department that serves everyone in Sacramento.”

Image of three people in foreground all siting cross legged and holding their fists in the air.

Protesters chant at demonstration Wednesday in Natomas. / Photo NatomasBuzz.com

Image of several body bags with names of people who died during interactions with police.

Body bags were placed in the driveway of Sacramento City Manager Howard Chan’s home in Natomas. / Photo NatomasBuzz.com

Panoramic image of protesters sitting on the road.

About 100 protesters participated in the sit-in/die-in demonstration. / Photo NatomasBuzz.com

Image of man walking toward crowd.

Stevante Clark, the brother of Stephon Clark, arrives to the demonstration as protesters disperse. / Photo NatomasBuzz.com


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