New Mural Takes Shape Along Natomas Bike Trail

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Image of woman holding rendering standing in front of wall painted colorfully.

Artist Ali Futrell holds copy of mural design in front of wall where the mural is being painted. / Photo

A colorful, 200-foot mural is taking shape on a cinder block wall along a section of a bike trail in Natomas.

Artist Ali Futrell started painting the 9-foot-tall wall — located behind California Family Fitness on the west side of Truxel Road, just south of Natomas Crossing Drive — this week.

“I’m always so grateful to do a project in Sacramento,” said Futrell, who grew up in the area.

The abstract mural is titled “Electric Energy” and features vibrant hues and movement.

Image of woman pouring paint into a painter's tray while a second woman holds a paint roller nearby.

Artist Ali Futrell pours one of the vibrant hues she’s using for mural “Electric Energy” while her mother looks on. / Photo

Futrell was commissioned to design and paint the mural through a partnership between North Natomas Jibe, California Family Fitness and Wide Open Walls.

The idea for a mural came about during the COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders, said Jibe executive director Becky Heieck.

“A couple months ago we came up with this idea to get people out walking and biking at a time when it was scary out there,” said Heieck. “We were trying to think of something that Jibe could do to bring joy to people’s faces.”
Image of woman standing in front of painted walls hands outstretched.

Artist Ali Futrell stands describes mural “Electric Energy” she’s painting in Natomas. / Photo

As Jibe staff were riding the Jackrabbit Trail, they came across the cinder wall which abuts California Family Fitness. Heieck contacted Wide Open Walls which reached out to Futrell who painted a mural outside of California Family Fitness on K Street last year as part of the annual Wide Open Wall mural festival.

Futrell travelled from her home base in Los Angeles to work on the project. She anticipates finishing the mural by the end of next week with help from her mom Sidney Futrell and fellow artists Sara Locke and Joha Harrison.

“This is the coolest project ever,” said Futrell. “It’s fun to be able to spread out and have the community nearby.”

Jibe is a North Natomas nonprofit organization which works to encourage transportation practices that improve the community. It is funded through rider fares, community facilities district fees paid by property owners in North Natomas and grants.

Image of woman standing in front of wall painted bright colors. A second person is painting in the distance.

Artist Ali Futrell stands in front of “Electric Energy,” a colorful mural she’s creating in Natomas, while artist Sara Locke paints in the distance. / Photo

Image of woman painting a peach color on wall.

Artist Ali Futrell painting mural visible from Truxel Road in Natomas. / Photo

The “Electric Energy” mural is visible both from Truxel Road and the Jackrabbit Trail which runs adjacent to it. / Photo


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