Seen In Natomas: Cesar Chavez Day

Photo Courtesy Maribela Cruz

THE NATOMAS BUZZ | @natomasbuzz

Inderkum High School freshman Maribela Cruz painted the “Authors of Our Own Destiny” interactive sculpture in honor of Cesar Chavez Day.

“I decided to paint the book in honor of César Chávez to bring awareness to our community about him,” said Cruz. “He was an activist and leader for labor rights for all farm workers. He fought for equal pay and fairness.”

Cesar Chavez Day is a U.S. federal, commemorative holiday which celebrates the birth and legacy of the civil rights and labor movement activist on March 31 every year.

“Our farm workers do a lot for us all and especially in a time like this, they are still continuing to work. Cesar was an amazing man and he was a powerful leader,” said Cruz. “I thought it was important to recognize him and his work on his birthday. Along with his go-to slogan, ‘Sí Se Puede’.”

Authors of Our Own Destiny is located on Del Paso Road adjacent to the American River College satellite campus and North Natomas Library. This interactive public art installation can be painted on by anyone, at anytime, no reservations or approval required before hand. Check out more previous paintings here.

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