Natomas Cops Log – Jan. 2, 2016

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Incidents are from shifts starting Jan. 1:

16-000437 (Missing Person): 5300 block of Birk Way at 1012 hours.
Officers responded to the report of a missing person. The 14-year-old juvenile walked away from his guardian’s home and did not return. Officers checked the area for the missing person. A report was generated.

16-000573 (DUI): 2600 block of Stonecreek Dr at 1428 hours.
Officers responded to the above area regarding the report of a vehicle collision. When officers arrived on scene, it was determined several parked vehicles and an apartment building were struck by a man driving a vehicle. The driver was contacted who appeared to be under the influence. He was transported to an area hospital for a non-life threatening injury.

16-000932 (Traffic Stop): Northgate Blvd / Wilson Ave at 2222 hours.
Officers stopped a vehicle for an infraction violation. The passenger was found to be in possession of a loaded firearm. Officers safely detained the armed passenger who was ultimately booked into the Sacramento County main jail.

Incidents are from shifts starting Dec. 31:

15-368728 (Missing Person Report): 3300 block of Smoke Tree Dr at 0157 hours.
Officers responded for a 14-year old juvenile that had run away after getting into an argument with family members. This juvenile has done this in the past and has been found with friends. A report was generated and this remains an active investigation.

15-369351 (Stolen Vehicle ): Northgate Blvd / Garden Hwy at 2000 hours.
Officers located a stolen vehicle after a POD hit alerted them to the vehicle. It was found to be an embezzled vehicle from Hertz Rental Cars. The driver was booked for vehicle theft related charges.

Incidents are from shifts starting Dec. 30:

15-368419 (Parole Violation): 2300 block of Northgate Blvd at 1829 hours.
Officers responded domestic disturbance and contacted the two subjects involved. Officers found that one of the subjects was on parole out of Southern California, in violation of his conditions. The subject was booked on a Parole Violation.

All information herein is provided by Sacramento Police Department for the 95833, 95834 and 95835 zip codes. Crimes reported here are preliminary investigations, taken in the field by patrol officers, and may or may not be assigned to a detective for further investigation. The information provided may be found after further investigation to be incorrect or false. Certain details of these incidents have been removed due to potential follow up investigation into the incident and/or for privacy rights.

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