Seen in Natomas: New Bike Fix-It Station

New bike fix-it station in Natomas. / Photo: NNTMA

New bike fix-it station in Natomas. / Photo: NNTMA

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The North Natomas Transportation Management Association and the Sacramento Public Library have partnered up to offer the community free, 24/7 access to a public bicycle repair station and tire pump.

The ‘Deluxe Public Work Stand and Pump’ is a permanent structure equipped with a bike stand and all the tools needed to do basic maintenance on bikes and get them operational and working right. To help inspire the DIY or Do-It-Yourself spirit of the community, the work station also features a QR code which can be scanned for instructions on basic repairs.

“We hope access to these tools will help families and students get out on their bikes more often, and start using their bikes to make everyday trips to school, work and the library,” said Becky Heieck, North Natomas TMA Executive Director. “We hate to see a flat tire or other simple repairs come in the way of people being able to get places.”

The repair station and tire pump are located under a light pole, near the bike racks in front of the North Natomas Library at 4660 Via Ingoglia.


  1. Awesome! I wanted to see this happen a few years ago and am happy to see it! Great idea! Would like to see more throughout Natomas.

  2. Jenn Keller says

    I don’t even ride and I love it. I just might start after seeing this!

  3. FINALLY, we have people in government who can actually THINK!!! Why is this such a GREAT idea? A. It’s comparatively CHEAP B. Lots of people will use it C. To fight the Battle of the Bulge (No, teacher; The other one) we need to get Geezers & their Grand Kids off the couch and/or away from their XBox 360s & PlayStns and get outdoors. I’m lovin’ it!!!

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