Natomas Cops Log – Oct. 26, 2015

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Incidents are from shifts starting Oct. 25, 2015:

No incidents.

Incidents are from shifts starting Oct. 24, 2015:

15-305983 (DUI): San Juan Rd / Fong Ranch Rd at 0247 hours.
Officers responded to the area regarding a subject passed out in a vehicle. Officers determined that he was under the influence of alcohol and over the legal limit; he arrested for DUI.

15-306005 (Business Burglary): 3500 block Del Paso Rd at 0346 hours.
Officers responded to a business alarm in the area and found that the business had been broken into. The suspects tried to steal the ATM that was inside the store but were unsuccessful. The investigation is active and on-going.

15-306015 (Shooting): 3100 block Rancho Silva Dr at 0405 hours.
Officers responded to the area after the victim stated that her window was shot out. Officers found evidence that a shooting had occurred; nobody was injured in the incident. The investigation is on-going and active.

15-306483 (Theft): 3600 block of N Freeway Blvd at 1753 hours.
Officers responded to the location regarding a report of a theft. The suspect was detained by store employees after stealing from the business. Police arrived on scene and he was arrested for theft and violations of probation.

All information herein is provided by Sacramento Police Department for the 95833, 95834 and 95835 zip codes. Crimes reported here are preliminary investigations, taken in the field by patrol officers, and may or may not be assigned to a detective for further investigation. The information provided may be found after further investigation to be incorrect or false. Certain details of these incidents have been removed due to potential follow up investigation into the incident and/or for privacy rights.


  1. armydicked says

    My God, people—we went one complete Shift without an incident!!! Wasn’t that the day the 49ers played? I know, Chef Heisenberg must have been running a ‘Buy one, Get one Free’ special on his Blue Meanie I-C-E (Damn, I miss my breaking bad…)

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