Car Crashes into Natomas School

Source: Sac Fire PIO

Source: Sac Fire PIO

Source: Sac Fire PIO

Source: Sac Fire PIO

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Shortly after 10 a.m. today, Feb. 24 a four-door sedan crashed into a building at Natomas Charter School’s STAR Academy campus on East Commerce Way. 

The vehicle plowed through a corner window and came to rest near a desk as seen in these photos by the Sacramento Fire Department which responded to the scene. 

No injuries were reported and DUI is not suspected, according to the Sacramento Police Department.

STAR Academy is located at 4400 East Commerce Way. 

Source: Sac Fire PIO

Source: Sac Fire PIO


  1. “A car”…what kind of car? What was the make, model, and model year of the vehicle? Is there a reason we aren’t getting this critical information?

    What did the driver say happened? The issue of ELECTRONIC sudden unintended acceleration not being addressed by automakers. In the meantime, these vehicles are reported as “taking off” for no reason, often when the driver is initiating braking.

    Experts have found faults in the Toyota electronic throttle control software. Toyota and Lexus are involved in many of these crashes into storefronts, buildings, and homes. Other automakers have a similar problem. The auto industry doesn’t have strictly regulated standards for the software as the airline industry does. Further, in the case of the Toyota throttle control software, the standards of the auto industry weren’t adhered to either.

    Sudden unintended acceleration…the electronic variety…are being told that the situation didn’t happen as they described. The automaker attempts to coerce or manipulate the vehicle owner into accepting the “driver error” conclusion. The tactics are described as “intimidating” by many SUA victims.

    WHY the big cover-up? What do Toyota and other automakers have to HIDE?

    Charlene Blake

    • If you look at the tire, looks like a Toyota. For some reason many times when a Toyota or Lexus involved, the make and model is not mentioned. Toyota and Lexus are known to suddenly accelerate. The issue of sudden unintended acceleration became public when Highway patrol and 3 member of his family were killed in a runaway Lexus in San Diego freeway back in 2009 and Toyota claimed the cause of the accident was the KILLER FLOOR MAT. In a case Bookout vs Toyota where expert Micheal Barr testified the cause of runaway Toyota and Lexus was electronic software defect.

      • disqus_pMo2Yd12qH says

        Oh look! It’s dumb and dumber here to make moronic accusations about UFO’s, unicorns, and other things that don’t exist while not knowing any facts….

    • disqus_pMo2Yd12qH says

      Troll. Spam. Ignorant. Propaganda.

    • The_Masked_Avenger says

      Speaking of accidents where the make and model aren’t given:
      clickorlando dot com/news/orlando-man-dies-in-i4-crash-in-polk/31469606

      BTW, why didn’t you comment about the RAV4 that went off the bridge?

  2. Flagging posts just because you disagree with them will get your own comments permanently blacklisted.

  3. While not relevant to the article posted on our site, the comments you find fault with do not violate our comment policy. Actually, we find posts by anonymous commenters much more worrisome.

    Incidentally, witness report the driver said they accidentally hit the accelerator and not the brake, but that’s not confirmed.

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