Election Day Coverage: Why We Vote

PHOTOS BY MARC LAVER THE NATOMAS BUZZ | @natomasbuzz We visited polling places throughout Natomas and asked voters why they voted in today’s election. Here’s what they told us:


“I am voting today because it is important to have an opinion on what goes on in our country.”
-Jewell Brown


“I am voting today because I am always able to express my voice.”
-Jolie Roberts


“Voting is my civic duty and I was brought up to have pride in our government.”
-Marge Benson


“It’s important to exercise our right to vote and to make a difference.”
-Santiago Ibarra


“(It is) important to vote to keep Democrats in office and we fulfill our rights when voting.”
-Leola Williams


“It is always important to vote.”
-Samuel Benn

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