District 3 Race: What Changes Would You Like to See?

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THE NATOMAS BUZZ invited the seven candidates running for the District 3 city council seat to participate in a series of articles wherein they answer questions submitted by readers. Today’s question asked,


With so much focus on the new arena, what changes do you hope to make to the areas within District 3 that are not in the downtown area?

Candidates Adam Sartain, Rosalyn Van Buren and Ellen Cochrane did not submit answers. Here are the answers submitted by the deadline, in the order they were received:

Efren Guttierrez
#1 is the redevelopment of the Northgate Blvd corridor and the completion of the DNA Line (Downtown-Natomas -Airport).

Jeff Harris
I would like to complete the South Natomas Community Center, the Two Rivers and Sacramento River bike trails, assure the completion of Township 9 and affordable housing in the River District, start the Railyards development, rebuild Station 15 at Plaza Park, invigorate Northgate Blvd with new businesses and possibly a new park or parklets, bring back the POP policing program, complete an Alhambra underpass in East Sac, and create a fund for Regional Park development. For South Natomas the focus will be on bringing green tech employment and medical services to the area, and ensuring smart, green growth that is transit oriented and with smart grid technology once the moratorium is behind us. Additionally, I would like to see light rail extended to the airport, which would connect Natomas physically and economically with a developing city center. Lastly, I will continue Pops in the Park, including South Natomas.

Deane Dana
That’s a big question with many answers: especially for South Natomas residents. We must develop programs that get our kids off the street, and to places where they can grow in positive ways. Reducing crime, enhancing business corridors and retail centers, providing better accessibility to city services and increasing emergency services are just a few items I intend to address. With your vote on June 3, I will promptly convene a monthly South Natomas community/city task force to address immediate and longer term city, business and student needs. I will be working for the expedited approval of a South Natomas City Services Center which will co-locate ambulance, police, and fire services in an existing retail location. These are core city services which deserve to be addressed and will be with strong full time council representation. Your vote for me will ensure that South Natomas neighborhoods get the attention they deserve.

Cyril Shah
I will work tirelessly to create a diverse cross section of jobs in all our neighborhoods. I will work to improve police response times. I will continue my work to improve flood safety and strengthen our levees. I will support the arts, our parks, and our libraries.

THE NATOMAS BUZZ will be running a series of Q&A posts leading up to election day in June 2014. Submit your questions for candidates to [email protected].

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