Two North Natomas Eateries Listed for Sale


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The owners of two eateries in north Natomas have listed their businesses for sale.

In the past week owners of both Thai ChiPino and Willie J’s Burgers & More have posted their turn-key-ready restaurant operations for sale on Craigslist.

Calls to owners Diane owner of Thai ChiPino, and owner Willie of Willie J’s, confirmed the authenticity of the online advertisements. Both said they seek buyers for their restaurants. Thai ChiPino is listed for $29,500 and Willie posted on Craigslist he will sell for “the right six-figure number.”

Willie J’s, located at 2010 Club Center Drive, opened in July 2012. Its menu currently features a range of fare – from grilled cheese sandwiches to garlic tater tots.

Thai Chi Pino is located at 1850 Del Paso Road and its menu includes a variety of Asian cuisine, including Thai and Filipino dishes. (Eateries One Thai and Pho Vn One previously operated at the site.)

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  1. ChiPino wants $30k and Willies wants 3.3x times more than them?

    Has any potential buyer even gone to that place and taken a look at their day to day.

    It would literally take 10 years to recoup even a fraction of the price he is asking for. Get real. Let that place close because it’s not getting any better.

    Owner Willies came into this with an attitude of arrogance and I guess he can’t wing it. Look at the older yelpers reviews from when it first opened, of all the customers hearing him ramble in the back about him being the best in the business and anyone could flip a burger and yell at his workers.

    I guess it’s back to plumbing?

  2. The Real Truth says

    Personally, I like Willie’s. It’s the only place in the neighborhood where you can walk to and get food. However, Willie listing his business for “the right six-figure number” is a perfect example of someone who lacks business sense. If you can’t even valuate your own business then you shouldn’t be in business to begin with.

  3. I always felt sorry for the forlorn looking waiters and cooks in Thai Chi Pino waiting for a customer or two to walk in instead of making a b-line into Pete’s. Nice looking little retaurant, but I never saw anyone actually eating there. Surprising, given what seems to be a primo location next to the gym, other establishments and a busy intersection. Willie’s just opened a few months ago – and I agree with TRT below – “the right six-figure number” is either flippant, or based on ignorance. Unless he’s including the figures to the right of the decimal point…..

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