Natomas School Limits Bathroom Access After Misuse

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Natomas Charter School officials said they have taken measures to limit access to boys’ restrooms on campus during the school day for health reasons.

“This is necessary,” said Patrick Broughton, student affairs director at the school.

The decision came after unsanitary “messes” were repeatedly left in bathrooms used by males students, said Broughton. The incidents started after students returned from winter break and had occurred several times in recent weeks.

The mischief affected multiple boys’ restrooms on the campus, Broughton said, and took place when most students were in class.

The boys’ bathrooms were unsanitary and unsafe for students to use. Additional and costly cleaning was needed to make them useable again.

Natomas Charter students’ families were notified that all boys’ restrooms on campus are locked during the day except for one which is located near the school media center. Teachers are not allowed to let male students to leave class – unless there is an emergency.

“We have limited bathroom access during class time,” Broughton said. “We are not banning (boys) from going to the bathroom. In the morning, during lunch and during breaks … there is access. We chose a restroom which is easily accessible to everybody throughout the day.”

The limited access to boys’ restrooms during the school day will remain in effect at Natomas Charter School until further notice.

“I hope this situation will be temporary,” Broughton said. “I will reevaluate this when I feel addtional messes won’t occur.”

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