Girl Scout Cookies Go on Sale in Natomas


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Girl Scouts of all ages will start selling cookies today at several locations in Natomas.

Cookies can be purchased Feb. 21 through March 16 inside the event center at Raleys as well as in front of Safeway, Justice, Kohls, Walmart, Food Maxx, Foods Co, CVS on West El Camino, Walgreens stores, and Schools Financial Credit Union. The cookie stands will be open Monday through Friday after school and all day during the weekends.

Girl Scouts will also accept monetary donations to buy cookies to be shipped to military troops. A portion of each box of cookies sold goes back to the girls’ troops to help pay for activities, including community service projects.

Cookies can also be purchased from individual Girl Scouts.


  1. Great. Another month of guilt every time I go grocery shopping.

  2. Better them than that one family who stands in front of Raleys Safeway and the church begging for money with their 2 kids aye?

    • Tina McKinnis says

      They also stand outside the Bel Air entrance on Arena

    • If you dont have anything nice to say.. Its better to not say it. Not knowing their circumstances… Your making a judgment..just be glad it’s not you

      • Danielle Williams says

        I am glad it’s not me however there is a women 2 kids and a man. You are telling me that both of them have to stand the corner with the kids. No it makes me mad her older one almost got hit by a car once in the safe way parking lot

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