Store Warns Against Unauthorized Solicitors in Natomas


Unauthorized solicitors stand outside both doors at Raley’s on Natomas Boulevard on Wednesday, Dec. 11. One rings a bell mimicking the Salvation Army volunteer permitted to be inside.

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Raley’s store officials warn customers not to be confused by unauthorized solicitors at their stores who resemble Salvation Army bell ringers.

Yesterday, a person soliciting donations outside of Raley’s on Natomas Boulevard was spotted mimicking a Salvation Army volunteer just inside the store’s doors. The solicitor was ringing a small bell while asking for donations. A second unauthorized solicitor was also stationed outside of the store’s second door. (see photo)


Sign explaining store’s policy.

“Raley’s has a no-solicitation policy outside of our stores in response to customer feedback,” Raley’s spokesperson Nicole Townsend said. “In some cases, we’ve had experience with groups setting up outside our stores without our approval. When this happens, we notify the group of our policy and request that they leave the store. At times, there is a refusal to leave. This is when customers will see a sign next to the unauthorized solicitor stating they are there without our permission.”

While the unauthorized group was not seeking donations at the this morning, it has been seen several times at the Natomas store in recent weeks.

Townsend said the grocery store chain has a longstanding relationship with the Salvation Army, which is why the charity organization has been allowed to run its Red Kettle campaign inside its stores during the holiday season.

“Our company has partnered with the Salvation Army in a variety of ways for over 75 years; one of those ways is the Red Kettle campaign,” she said. “As a sponsor and partner of this campaign, the Salvation Army isn’t a “solicitor,” but rather a partner and guest in our store for this joint effort.”

For more information on Raley’s partnership with the Salvation Army, click here.


Salvation Army volunteer inside Raley’s on Natomas Boulevard on Wednesday, Dec. 11.


  1. Good for Raley’s! People need to find other more creative ways to acquire donations or sell products.

  2. Jody Ferrill says

    Thank you, Raleys! It is getting pretty annoying!

  3. Todd LaCasse says

    How about the owners of the Shell station do the same? Or at least get rid of the panhandlers and scary looking types they let hang out there.

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