SacPD Touts Use of Nextdoor to Fight Crime


Chief Somers speaks to attendees at Nextdoor meeting held Wednesday in Natomas.

THE NATOMAS BUZZ | @natomasbuzz

About 65 people attended a meeting in Natomas Wednesday night where the Sacramento Police Department introduced its new partnership with the Silicon Valley-based Nextdoor.

“Natomas residents already communicate pretty well,” said Lt. Norm Leong. “(Nextdoor) allowed me to see what neighborhoods are active.”

A Nextdoor company representative explained to meeting attendees the private social network’s interface – which is similar to Facebook by design – and how its neighborhood-level “sites” function. Sites can be used to post messages to neighbors, share information on services such as babysitting and items for sale.

The Sacramento Police Department plans to phase out its of other digital communications about crime and trends generally sent via e-mail and posted to community Yahoo Groups, and post information on Nextdoor.

“Our goal is to make Sacramento the safest, big city in California,” said police Chief Sam Somers. Seven more community meetings are planned.


Meeting attendees could sign up for Nextdoor at the meeting.


  1. Communities Bound is better and is a real locally owned site. Why help another facebook make money? They make real entrepreneurs while helping the community. Nextdoor has some real privacy issues. If interested in a real site, call communities bound they are awesome.

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