Natomas Checkpoint Screens Licenses & DUIs


The checkpoint is located on Del Paso Road at Five Star Way. / Photo by Marc Laver


Police officers and volunteers assemble as they prepare for the checkpoint. / Photo by Marc Laver


Officer Arron Guglielmelli in control room. He is in charge to towing cars if drivers are found intoxicated. / Photo by Marc Laver


Officer checks screens vehicles as they pass. / Photo by Marc Laver

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The Sacramento Police Department is currently conducting a sobriety and driver license checkpoint in Natomas.

Just before 10 p.m. police had screened nearly 500 vehicles, said Sgt. Chris Prince. Of those about two dozen drivers had undergone license checks, thad been checked for DUI, and one driver determined to be under the influence, Prince said. Two vehicles had been towed.

“We’re out here to be a deterrant and educate the public,” Prince said of the high-volume location. He expected a steady flow of traffic and that officers and volunteers would see up to 1,600 vehicles throughout the night.

Prince said 27 Sacramento Police Department staff were on hand at the checkpoint along with several law enforcement chaplains and Volunteers In Police Service or VIPS.

The checkpoint is located at on Del Paso road near Five Star Way. It started at 8 p.m. and was scheduled to run for up to seven hours.


The first vehicles pass through the June 14 checkpoint. / Photo by Marc Laver


Officer contacts a driver. / Photo by Marc Laver


Officers screened drivers’ licenses and for DUI. / Photo by Marc Laver


Vehicles were pulled off Del Paso Road for further inspection. / Photo by Marc Laver

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