NP3 Students Raise $2,000 Pennies For Patients


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NP3 high school students who raised more than $2,000 during an annual Pennies for Patients fundraiser were treated to several teacher makeovers as reward for their efforts.

np3penniesNatomas Pacific Pathways Preparatory teachers Robert Hagarty sported a pink beard, Robin Jones dressed like a girl,  Jake Shuler had his make-up professionally done, and senior advisers performed for a rap video.

“I think it went very well due to the marvelous students at NP3 who were kind enough to raise so much money,” said Brennen Smith, a student government representative. “I think the reason we do this every year is because it opens the eyes of the students to the world around them and allows them to help make someone’s life just that much better.”

Each year NP3 students and staff team up with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to help raise money for cancer research. This year the high school’s Pennies for Patients fundraiser ran Jan. 22-Feb. 22.

The high school’s $1,000 goal was reached during the first two weeks.

NP3’s student government coordinated nearly a dozen events meant to encourage students to donate including selling privileges (such as using your phone in class or getting homework passes) and  reserved parking spots to students who drove to school. An event called “Rutten Gets It” allowed students to throw a sponge filled with water at Principal Tom Rutten – a crowd favorite.

Before the fundraiser started, one advisory teacher from each grade level agreed to participate in an incentive called “Crazy for a Cure!” Four teachers pledged the student body that if the school raised at least $1,000, they would all do something crazy when the fundraiser ended.

On Feb. 20, the teachers made good on their promise and all five of the senior advisory teachers showed their rap video to the students.

Donations from schools and businesses support Leukemia and Lymphoma Society efforts to help several cancer survivors.

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