Vigilance Urged In Light Of Natomas Robberies

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Sacramento Police are asking Natomas-area residents to be vigilant about reporting suspicious activity after a series of armed robberies in the area, including one at a restaurant last night.

In an electronic message sent this morning to community members, north-area police Capt. James Maccoun said his department has looked at each of the robberies and each have different suspect descriptions and methods.

“We will be adding some extra patrol efforts in the Natomas area this upcoming week to work on follow up for these cases and to add visibility to try and deter any would be criminals,” Maccoun wrote. “It is important to remember that criminals don’t use neighborhood boundaries and that Natomas like other parts of the city or even the region are impacted by criminals that will come into our communities to commit crime.”

Maccoun said the simplest way to deter crime is by calling in suspicious people and vehicles near businesses or homes, pointing out that criminals usually have a getaway car parked nearby.

“… Your observations of a suspicious car with a license plate could end up solving a case,” he added. “Together we will make our community safer.”

Recent Natomas-area robberies include:

· Jan. 28 – Victim was using an ATM in the 2200 block of Del Paso Road (Del Paso Road/ Natomas Blvd) at about 5:30 a.m. when a white male in his 20’s armed with a gun robbed her.
· Jan. 29 – the Chase bank at 3501 Del Paso Road (Del Paso Road/ El Centro) was robbed at about 12:30 p.m. Two black men entered the bank and demanded money.
· Feb. 2 – At about 10:45 p.m., three suspects entered a restaurant near Gateway Park Drive and Del Paso Road. The suspects stole from the business and customers who were inside. The suspects were described as young, black male adults, 5’9-6’ tall, wearing hooded sweatshirts, and something covering their face. The suspects were armed with guns.

Anyone in the area of any of these crimes who has information about suspicious cars or persons is encouraged to email Capt Maccoun at [email protected]or call crime alert at 443-help (4357).


  1. I was at the restaurant last night when it got robbed.

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