Natomas School Lock Downs Lifted

lockdownscreenshotArmed Person Not Found

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Lock downs at five Natomas-area school campuses have been lifted.

Heron School, H. Allen Hight, Natomas Middle School, Inderkum High School and the American River College satellite campus were all placed on temporary lock down this morning after Sacramento Police received a report of somebody armed with a weapon in the area.

Officers investigated and made contact with an individual but no one was located with a weapon.

“Students were never in danger,” police spokesman Officer Doug Morse said.

The lock downs were lifted after about 30 minutes.


  1. ok why the lockdown then, if the students were supposedly never in danger???

    • Jody, the officer’s statement was made after the police investigated.

      The schools were locked down because police and the school district take seriously reports of someone armed in the vicinity of a campus.

    • It’s pretty simple, Jody.

      Police received a report of someone possibly armed in the area. (And in all likelihood, what they probably heard was that someone WAS armed in the area.)

      Officers were dispatched.

      Schools were placed on lockdown as a precaution, not yet knowing the seriousness of the threat.

      Police determined that the person reported as armed was in fact not armed at all.

      Lockdown lifted.

      It is fact that the students were never in danger, but they could have been based on the early unconfirmed reports, and they took action to protect the students and faculty at the schools.

  2. What was description of adult male?

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