Student On The Street: Presidential Picks

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We asked students at Natomas-area high schools:

If you were able to vote in the upcoming Presidential election, who would you vote for and why?”

Hania Gohar, 18, NP3 senior

“I am not sure, yet. I feel like if I vote for Romney, then our economy will get better, but he still does not have much experience with foreign policies so it is risky for him to win because it could potentially lead to some issues. Obama, on the other hand, would do better things for the people, like the health care policy, but we still don’t know how much of a change he would make economically. So I’m split right now because I think Romney has a better economic plan, but Obama has a better social plan.” 

Christopher Yee, 17, Natomas High senior

“I think Obama is more of an ideal candidate because his commitment to sticking by his plans and providing specific and accurate details for his policieshave proven more effective than Romney’s simple strategy of blaming Obama’s lack of progress. Romney continues to make very vague details into his plans on the economy and national issues and very broad accusations about Barack Obama and what he has done in the last term. Although both men seem content on attacking one another, Obama’s specifics and more believable plans win over my vote.”

Devin Flores, Natomas High
“Obama’s views are one’s I agree with over Romney’s. Obama has a more equal view on society and wants everyone to be treated as equals; women, and homosexuals. And Obama is trying really hard to attend to everyone’s needs and that’s hard to do. He came into presidency at a really bad time and cleaned up the best he could after Bush in four years. And honestly, if he has four more years, people will see how hard he’s been working and they big payoff. Obama needs some slack and I can really sympathize with him.”

Viktoriya Plugovoy, 17, Inderkum senior
“I would vote for Obama because I feel like 4 years isn’t enough to make a big difference and he needs more time to do it.”

Chelsea Finch, 18, NCS senior
“I actually voted in the primaries and I ended up voting for Obama, but for the election in November I am going to vote for Romney. I don’t agree with Obama’s spending or with Obama care because citizens shouldn’t be forced to pay for healthcare when it is not a necessity for them. I agree more with Romney’s idea of pooling funding from programs like PBS and putting them towards education instead.”

Vonnell Jarrell, 16, NP3 junior
“If I could vote, I would vote for Obama for a couple of reasons. The first is that I favor the Democratic side. Secondly, he has done an exceptional job at getting the United States off of a military international scale by ending the war in Afghanistan. The third reason is because he has began to enact plans to create a better economy and wants to get the American middle class back on their feet. Finally, he needs more time to get his economic and social plans into action.”

Meagan Flynn, 15, NP3 sophomore
“I would vote for Romney because I think his overall policies are much better suited for a recovery in the economy. I wouldn’t want the federal government telling me what I can and can’t do and Romney favors the individual state control. Finally, my favorite thing about Romney is his five-point plant; stimulate small businesses, make China trade fairly with the United States, open up trade with South America, be energy independent from the Middle East (while creating jobs), and finally the training program for our workers designed to train professionals specifically in the fields of math, technology and sciences.”

Charles Chenault, 17, Natomas High senior
“By default, Obama solely because I cannot vote for a president that does not have a consistent plan and who thinks the bringing back the Bush administration’s policies will help our country.”

Andre Lim, 17, NCS senior
“Currently I am undecided because I believe I do not know enough information on the candidates and their views to make an educated vote. I do tend to lean more liberal because I disagree with my parent’s more conservative views, but I don’t want to vote for Obama just based on the name value. I want to vote based on the information.”

Gabe Benavidez, 17, Inderkum senior
“As of right now, Obama because Romney keeps changing his stances on everything he talks about.”

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