Two Children Collide With Car In Natomas

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updated 8:45 a.m.

Two Heron School students collided with a vehicle while on their way to school this morning, August 23.

At about 7:50 a.m. Natomas resident Molly Ibietatorremendia was inside her home nearby when she heard a loud “thump” followed by a woman’s voice saying, “Oh my gosh, are you okay?”

“That was the scariest sound I have ever heard,” said Ibietatorremendia. “I knew exactly what it was.”

At press time, it appeared the brother and sister pair did not stop before entering the intersection at Club Center Drive and Dunlay Drive. The children – both riding on the same bicycle -collided with a woman driving a Toyota Camry who was turning from Dunlay Drive onto Club Center Drive.

The driver reportedly did not see the children prior to the collision. The boy was reportedly riding a bicycle wearing a helmet while his sister rode behind him standing on the bike’s axle pegs; the girl was not wearing a helmet.

Witnesses said they had to convince the children to stay on the scene while 911 and school were called. The Sacramento Fire Dept. responded to the scene and checked the youngsters, who appeared uninjured.

Both the school’s vice principal Amreek Singh and one of the children’s parents were also on the scene. The children were reportedly being taken by family to be checked out at an area hospital, witnesses said.

Ibietatorremendia said she hoped school officials will consider reminding students about pedestrian safety.

“With as much as we promote walking and biking to school, so many kids don’t wear helmets – it’s scary,” she said.

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