Student On The Street: Important Issues In NUSD School Board Race

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We asked students at Natomas-area high schools:

“What do you think is the most important issue in the race for Natomas Unified school board this November?”

Brian Treadway, 17, NP3 senior
“The biggest difficulty for the next Board Member is to balance the budget while ensuring the students can still enjoy the basic necessities of high school, such as books, teachers, and other classroom supplies.”

Kayla Castleman, 17, Inderkum senior
“The issues we are facing in the election are we need new books and we need more money and we need more teachers because if we did that, our schools would be okay.” 

Angel Holquin, 18, Natomas High senior
“I think that a candidate should understand what all schools are going through and try to at least appeal to their needs.”
Hania Gohar, 18, NP3 senior
“The biggest difficulty for the candidates are managing the spending of schools and the larger community without harming one or the other.”
Joelle Jacoby, 16, Natomas Charter School junior
“I really care about having a Superintendent who’s not a flake and knowing where to spend the budget. Every kid should have the opportunity to get a good education so there also needs to be a focus on increasing enrollment but not to the point of becoming impacted.”
Nitasha Chand, 17, Natomas High senior
“I believe the most important issue in the race for Natomas Unified school board this November would be the amount of pink slips being issued to experienced school teachers of the Natomas Unified School District and the programs being cut down due to budget cuts.”
John Franzen, 17, Natomas Charter School senior
“For me the most important issue would be encouragement for the arts. Just because there are not as many programs or opportunities for the arts in schools today doesn’t mean students should be discouraged from pursuing it as a possible career choice.” 

Christian Dapiaoen, 18, Inderkum senior
“I think an important issue in the upcoming elections will be a matter of state funding for schools cause our schools right now are (underfunded).”


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