Midamar Jewelers Works To Rebuild 20-Year Business

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While police investigate the burglary that nearly destroyed Midamar Jewelers on Garden Highway, the Natomas-area business works to rebuild.

At about 5:26 a.m. on July 15, burglars used a forklift stolen from a nearby construction site to rip through the storefront. The suspects stole a large wall safe full of one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces and used a second, stolen vehicle to flee the scene before police arrived.

Midamar Jewelers owners Dan and Cindy Pheasant located their jewelry store at Riverbank Marina more than 20 years ago in early 1991. The couple – known for their beautiful craftsmanship – design and make jewelry as well as perform alterations and repairs in their store, according to a marina spokesperson.

Riverbank Marina’s insurance is expected to cover the cost to repair the damaged building, but the short-term and long-term loss to the family-owned and family-run business is devastating, the spokesperson said. Not only were expensive tools and customer jewelery taken with the safe, but so was the Pheasants’ daughter’s wedding ring – she married a week after the break in.

In addition to cards posted in support of the Pheasants on the store’s temporary, make-shift entrance is a poster which reads:

Please return
our sense of security
our retirement
our childrens college money
Thank you for not taking our family, our friends & our lives

Construction is under way.

Investigation of the burglary is ongoing.

 AFTER THE BURGLARY (courtesy Riverbank Marina)


  1. well, i sent a ring to them in january of 2011 for repair. i still have not had it returned which should have been LONG before this burglary. and no response from Dan about my ring which i asked to be returned, fixed or not….

  2. William Harper says

    Looks like they’ve just closed the door on the customers. They’ve had a very bad run of luck, but I haven’t heard anything AT ALL from them.


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