Literacy And Science Meet At Natomas Library

THE NATOMAS BUZZ | @natomasbuzz

Approximately 15 families dissected owl pellets yesterday, July 26 as part of the North Natomas Library’s summer reading program.

Owl pellets are the regurgitated hairballs that include the bones of prey that the owl has eaten. 

Children, working with gloves and toothpicks, carefully picked apart the pellets to find the skeleton parts inside.

Zack C., pictured here, shows off a newly cleaned mouse pelvic bone.

Children, teens and adults are invited to participate in the Sacramento Public Library summer reading program during which youngsters try to fill a BINGO card by reading books, checking out materials and attending library programs.

Each completed BINGO card earns a chance to win an iPad.

Sign up online here or check with your local library for more information. Several library programs remain for the 2012 summer!

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