The Sacramento – Pennsylvania Cultural Exchange is a basketball exchange between representatives from Sacramento and West Reading, PA,. Each team has been alternating once a year visits to each coast, for the last 39 years. This exchange has taken place since 1972, led by founder Ed Kuhn, from West Reading, PA. The exchange has included over hundreds of high school basketball players, and games against east coast and west coast players. This year The Sacramento All stars team will be playing some of West Reading Pennsylvania’s best high school teams. They will be playing in the 40th Annual West Reading –Sacramento Exchange tourney, also in the West Reading High School summer league 8 team tourney. The exchange has provided a cultural experience for players. Players are housed by local residences from West Reading PA, and provided meals and transportation by local businesses. The Sacramento Stars will get to visit historical land marks on the east coast seeing the new Ground Zero Memorial, Liberty Bell, Constitution Center, Smithsonian, meet and greet with our Congress Women at our Nations Capitol, and experience Times Square in New York. The players will also be conducting a basketball clinic to local West Reading, PA inner city kids. Next year Sacramento will be hosting West Reading in June 2013. Head Coach Dwayne Bishop, Inderkum High Assistant Phillip Hampton, Inderkum High Sac All Stars Coordinator, Inderkum High Delgado Israel Florin High Hadin Montana American River Pickett Cameron Inderkum High Thomas Malik Elk Grove Charter Brown Hermon Monterey Trail High Bullock Andrew Inderkum High Nosach David Natomas Charter Pannu Navrobin Inderkum High

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