Update: Natomas High Meets Goal


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Natomas High School set a goal to make 200,000 positive periods of attendance, and we have not only met our goal but exceeded it! For those who are on the A-List, we will be having a Friday Night Dance party. -John Eick, Natomas High principal on March 18, 2012

Natomas High School students on March 5 aired a new rap video to support a seven-week A-list attendance campaign at the campus.

“Our kids have committed to attending 200,000 positive periods of attendance in seven weeks,” principal John Eick told THE NATOMAS BUZZ. “If we make our school goal, we’ll throw an A-Ten-Dance!”

Students who meet their personalized attendance goal will be allowed to attend the special dance. Those who do not meet their goal will not be allowed join in the festivities.


“You have to be on the A-List to get into this dance,” Eick said. “Each week we’ve been giving out hundreds of dollars in prizes, and our attendance has improved every week throughout the campaign.”

Natomas High students released the rap video today, March 5 in an effort to inspire classmates to finish the attendance campaign strong.

“A-list Attendance Rap” vocals are performed written by Young Doll Hairs – students BrandoN Kado, Tobias Austin Gomez, DJ Hobbs, and Michael Conley.

Gomez and Kado are executive producers of the video which features an original instrumental track by G-Hitta Productions and vocals by Brian “The Rev” Levingston, also the student representative on the Natomas Unified school board.

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