Student On The Street: Teen Challenges


We asked students:

“What do you think is the most important issue facing teens today in 2012?”

Kaili Miller, 16, junior at Inderkum
“The most important issue facing teens today is the lack of ambition and education. No one seems to care about their futures like they used to, and it’s going to be harder for this generation to cope with the real world life and being on their own.”

Justin Cardenas, 16, junior at Inderkum
“I believe that the biggest problem for teens today is not feeling important. One of the number one challenges of being a young adult is figuring out who you’re going to be, but with all of the judgement from other teens, it becomes difficult to be yourself.”

Courtney Rossow, 16, sophomore at Inderkum
“One problem that teens face today is bullying. It’s worse than it used to be, because now people bully kids on social networking, where it can’t be erased, and it’s always public for everyone to see and continue the bullying.”

Nick Carter, 19, freshman at American River College
“A big issue that teens face in 2012 is getting a job with adequate hours. There are a lot of part time jobs, but it’s becoming harder to find a job that will provide hours that will earn us enough money to support ourselves when it comes time to go out on our own.”

Evan Carr, 16, junior at Inderkum
“The number one thing that teens face today is stereotyping. Once you get to high school, you already feel like you’re under a certain stereotype and a lot of people don’t know that they can break through those stereotypes and become the person they’ve always wanted to be, even though society tells them otherwise.”

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