Student On The Street: Cut What?

THE NATOMAS BUZZ | @natomasbuzz

We asked students:

“Natomas Charter School as well as other public schools in the state is facing economic challenges: What would you advise the principal to cut if you had to sacrifice something of the school’s program and why?”

Janysha Jones, 17, 11th grade
Level three classes in general because there isn’t as much of a difference between the level two and three classes in our school.

Nicolas La Torre, 15, 10th grade
If there is no other choice cut the staff. Administration and instead of three secretaries have one. Why have three to do one job.  

Zach Anderson, 16, 11th grade
Sacrifice paper and become more technologically efficient and this, in turn, will help in the long run. Paper is becoming an obsolete technology and is wasteful.

Macey Curtis, 11, 6th grade
The amount of technology usage.

Vanessa Arias, 13, 8th grade
P.E. – the curriculum is excessive and they should change lunch to a simpler menu.

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