Marijuana Operation Arrests Made In Natomas

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Sheriff’s Narcotics detectives arrested five individuals Monday, Feb. 13 connected with a marijuana distribution operation with ties to various states throughout the country.

Keni Renta, 29, Jauwon Wilder, 28, Charles Wilson, 34, Nathan Curry, 35, and Maryann Hunter, 25, were all booked into the Sacramento County Main Jail on charges including possession of marijuana for sale, cultivation of marijuana and conspiracy to distribute marijuana.

In October of 2011, Sheriff’s detectives started an investigation in concert with United States Postal Service and the Financial Crimes Task Force of the Internal Revenue Service. The investigation focused on a group of individuals who appeared to have laundered over $1 million in cash deposits into fictitious business and personal accounts. The deposits were made in states on the east coast, and then withdrawn the following day in Sacramento.

The investigation identified a location where the individuals would meet each day, and then package and ship parcels weighing between seven and twelve pounds each. These parcels were shipped to states including New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Illinois. Multiple parcels were seized during this investigation, and found to contain high-grade marijuana. Additional parcels seized on the east coast and destined for Sacramento were found to contain cash and money orders.

Search warrants were served Monday at three locations in the Sacramento area, including two Natomas. One of the arrest locations was near Kokomo Park in Creekside, the other on Martis Valley in Natomas Park. 

Searches yielded discovery of two marijuana grows, three weapons, several pounds of processed and packaged marijuana, approximately $70,000 in cash, and the arrests of the five suspects. This investigation is ongoing, and additional arrests are expected.

Bail is set at $200,000 for Curry and Hunter, and $1 million for Renta, Wilder and Wilson.

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