Link Crew Connects Inderkum Students

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Inderkum High School‘s upperclassmen take care of their freshmen. 

They call it “Link Crew.”
Link Crew is a new program dedicated to welcoming 9th graders to Inderkum. The goal: introduce incoming students to high school culture.

How does it work?

A large group of juniors and seniors meet with the freshmen class at orientation a few days before school starts. Each upperclassman is appointed to a small group of freshmen. Link Crew leaders then give their group a tour, answer questions about high school, and advice meant to help incoming students prepare for the school year.

“Link Crew is a way to change the culture of our school to make students want to belong and gives them a chance to get involved,” said George Tapanes, Inderkum principal.

Freshmen say they appreciate the help learning the ropes.

“Link Crew has helped me meet new people and plan for my future,” said Jesse Naranjo.

The upperclassmen also gain from the experience.

“We as leaders have an opportunity to set an example for the freshmen,” said Jonathan Lindo, a Link Crew leader. “It makes me a better leader and gives the freshmen an opportunity to plan for their futures with some guidance from our Link Crew.” 

Link Crew benefits the whole school by developing bonds between students.

“You can see that the program builds a relationship and gets more students involved on campus,” Inderkum student Courtney Rossow said.

Freshmen continue to meet regularly with their leaders once a month to talk about grades, social lives, and other high school experiences.
Said Tapanes, “We want to sustain and build on their relationships.”

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