Straw Hat Pizza Closes In Natomas

THE NATOMAS BUZZ | @natomasbuzz
The Straw Hat Pizza restaurant in Natomas has closed for business.
The popular pizzeria continued to serve customers into Sunday evening, despite a shortage of food and disheveled appearance (mounted televisions had already been removed from the eatery).
By 7:45, they were turning people away, saying they were closed,” one customer posted on Facebook.
The demise of Straw Hat Pizza follows on the heels of another family-owned and operated restaurant – Sactown Ice Cream & Sandwiches – which closed a week earlier. Both restaurants supported neighborhood fundraising efforts and providing a meeting place for Natomas community groups and sports teams.
Natomas Chamber of Commerce Ed Koop said it remains difficult for businesses to keep open in today’s economy. Straw Hat’s owners had closed their restaurant in Roseville earlier in the year.
“But hopefully, things will turn around soon,” he said. “And more than likely it will be small businesses leading the way by creating jobs, opening new storefronts and providing the economic stimulus the community needs to get back on its feet.”

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