Station Closed During Natomas Fire

THE NATOMAS BUZZ | @natomasbuzz
For the second time in just over two weeks, fire ripped through a Natomas home in the
morning hours when the nearest fire engine was unstaffed due to rotating brown outs.
Fire Engine No. 30, located approximately four minutes from the residence at 5401 Banderas Court, should have been the first fire engine on the scene this morning. But the engine was closed and it took the next closest engine, Fire Engine No. 18, approximately eight minutes after being dispatched for firefighting operations to begin – double the normal response time of Fire Engine 30, fire union officials said.
The fire, which completely destroyed the garage, made its way into the living space and was  beginning to threaten adjoining residences when fire crews finally arrived. The initial Incident Commander of the fire, Capt. James Edmiston, said “it is entirely possible that the length of time the fire was allowed to burn unchecked played a role in the fire reaching the living quarters and threatening nearby structures.”
The residents were not at home at the time the fire took place. 
“We are clearly seeing the imminent warning signs of diminished fire protection, and unfortunately, it’s the citizens that are paying the most severe price,” said Ryan Henry, Director of the Sacramento Area Firefighters. Henry further stated that “with the ability of a fire to double in size every minute, life and property are clearly placed at risk when fire companies are closed.”
The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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